HAISIL HL C18: Often, a chromatographer needs to support the high sample throughput demands of real-time process control or large volume production monitoring. When maximum selectivity, high efficiency, and fast analysis times are called for, HAISIL HL (high load) C18 is a good choice. The high surface area (300m2/gm) of the 100Å pore size silica used for HAISIL HL permits high weight/weight carbon loading yet the same desirable monomeric characteristics of our HAISIL 100Å, 120Å, and 300Å materials are maintained.

Diet Cola Additives: Beverage additive analysis is not only an important industrial application, but it also serves as a practical and relatively simple procedure for introductory HPLC courses. Industry is increasingly driven by rapid analysis requirements and an HPLC column can represent an overwhelming expense in a teaching environment. The diet cola analysis in the chromatogram to the left illustrates an extremely fast analysis on an extremely inexpensive HPLC column. A package containing five of the 20x2.1mm cartridge column used for this analysis costs about half as much as a moderately priced HPLC column. And, there's no need to pre-filter the cola sample through a 0.5µm filter as some column manufacturers recommend when using their expensive columns packed with 2µm particles for this analysis!

Dcoke1icon.jpg (1239 bytes)

Synthetic Peptides, Inc. HPLC Peptide Standards for Reverse Phase on the HAISIL HL C18 Column: The aromatic hydrocarbons that most HPLC column manufacturers use to quality control columns render little information about a column's selectivity and performance characteristics for peptides. The Canadian corporation, SPI, produces a well characterized yet challenging peptide mixture that is very useful for quantifying HPLC column performance for peptides. The difficult to separate first pair of peptides are resolved to near base line on HAISIL HL C18 columns. Many so-called peptide analysis columns are unable to separate this pair.

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Other HAISIL HL Chromatograms:

Cvitaminicon.jpg (1554 bytes)
Lcms5icon.jpg (1845 bytes)
Neogenicon.jpg (1319 bytes)
Water soluble vitamins
Cartridge Columns for LC/MS
Very basic compounds in combinatorial mixtures

Part Numbers

The following HAIPEEK and HAICART Guard Cartridges are compatible with HAIPEEK guard holders and the PE Brownlee NewGuard™ Holder.

HAISIL HL HAIPEEK Guard Cartridges
20x2.1mm PEEK Cartridges
(Requires HAIPEEK Holder)
2.1mm I.D. 20mm
C18 5µm HLK-0221-C185
HAISIL HL HAICART Guard Cartridges
20x3.2mm Stainless Steel Cartridges
(Requires HAIPEEK Holder)
3.2mm I.D. 20mm
C18 5µm HL118

The following HAIPEEK and HAICART Analytical Cartridges are compatible with HAIPEEK   holders and  PE Brownlee MPLC™ Holders.

HAISIL HL HAIPEEK™ Analytical Cartridges
40x2.1mm 50x2.1mm
C18 5µm HLK-0421-C185 HLK-0521-C185
HAISIL HL HAICART Analytical Cartridges
  40x4.6mm 50x4.6mm 100x4.6mm 220x4.6mm
C8 5µm HLF-0446-C085 HLF-0546-C085 HLF-1046-C085 HLF-2246-C085
C8 3.5µm HLF-0446-C083 HLF-0546-C083 HLF-1046-C083 HLF-2246-C083
C18 5µm HLF-0446-C185 HLF-0546-C185 HLF-1046-C185 HLF-2246-C185
  40x3.2mm 50x3.2mm 100x3.2mm 220x3.2mm
C8 5µm HLF-0432-C085 HLF-0532-C085 HLF-1032-C085 HLF-2232-C085
C8 3.5µm HLF-0432-C083 HLF-0532-C083 HLF-1032-C083 HLF-2232-C083
C18 5µm HLF-0432-C185 HLF-0532-C185 HLF-1032-C185 HLF-2232-C185
  40x2.1mm 50x2.1mm 100x2.1mm 220x2.1mm
C8 5µm HLF-0421-C085 HLF-0521-C085 HLF-1021-C085 HLF-2221-C085
C8 3.5µm HLF-0421-C083 HLF-0521-C083 HLF-1021-C083 HLF-2221-C083
C18 5µm HLF-0421-C185 HLF-0521-C185 HLF-1021-C185 HLF-2221-C185
HAISIL HL Stainless Steel HPLC Columns
Analytical Columns 30x4.6mm 50x4.6mm 100x4.6mm 150x4.6mm 250x4.6mm
C8 5µm HLS-0346-C085 HLS-0546-C085 HLS-1046-C085 HLS-1546-C085 HLS-2546-C085
C18 3.5µm HLS-0346-C083 HLS-0546-C083 HLS-1046-C083 HLS-1546-C083 HLS-2546-C083
C18 5µm HLS-0346-C185 HLS-0546-C185 HLS-1046-C185 HLS-1546-C185 HLS-2546-C185

Pekary.jpg (16763 bytes)


Analytical Columns 30x4.6mm 50x4.6mm 100x4.6mm 150x4.6mm 250x4.6mm
C18 5µm HLP-0346-C185 HLP-0546-C185 HLP-1046-C185 HLP-1546-C185 HLP-2546-C185
HAISIL HL SemiPrep, Prep & Custom HPLC Columns
SemiPrep 100x10mm 150x10mm 250x10mm
C18 5µm HLS-1010-C185 HLS-1510-C185 HLS-2510-C185
Prep 100x20mm 150x20mm 250x20mm
C18 5µm HLS-1020-C185 HLS-1520-C185 HLS-2520-C185
HAISIL HL Microbore Columns
0.8mm 3 cm 5 cm 10 cm 15 cm 25 cm
C18 5µm HLS-03M8-C185 HLS-05M8-C085 HLS-10M8-C085 HLS-15M8-C085 HLS-25M8-C085
0.5mm 3 cm 5 cm 10 cm 15 cm  
C18 5µm HLS-03M5-C185 HLS-05M5-C185 HLS-10M5-C185 HLS-15M5-C185  

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