An Introduction to Higgins Analytical HPLC Columns

Total Quality Approach to Products:  Each HPLC column product from Higgins Analytical is evaluated by a computerized performance test prior to receiving a quality control approval.  This testing protocol involves a highly accurate statistical moments determination of the column's performance characteristics.  These accurate peak shape and column efficiency measurements can only be made by computerized data logging method.

The test data for these serialized columns include sorbent properties and lot number as well as a complete description of the test conditions.  The instructions and other product information are detailed on the back of the test chromatogram.

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Product Packaging to match Superior Product Performance:  HPLC columns from Higgins Analytical are packaged in a unique, and transparent vacuum-formed container.  This convenient and environmentally sound package provides for easy product identification, robust column protection, and very economical shipment and storage.

Hardware Designed for Optimum Performance and Column Life:  High efficiencies and negligible extra-column effects from column end-fittings are a certainty because Higgins Analytical columns use high quality PEEK and titanium frits that are only 0.75mm thick.

Frit porosity also plays an important role in HPLC column design. Many manufacturers use 2mm porosity frits with their 5mm sorbents making high sensitivity work problematic since even the best particle-sized 5mm materials have 1% or more of sub 2mm material. These minute particles can pass through the frit and into the detector resulting in spiking and baseline noise. The column outlet fittings on Higgins Analytical columns have 0.5mm frits making them suitable for even the most sensitive detection conditions.

Since 0.5mm column inlet frits are often prone to plugging, even when analyzing samples that have been pre-filtered, Higgins Analytical column inlet fittings contain 2mm frits. While these columns may still be back flushed, routine mobile phase flow should be in the same direction as the reference arrow.

Column labels are easy to read, impervious to solvent spills and temperature changes, and they do not dangle awkwardly from the column.

System Performance Kit: HPLC system performance and column lifetime can be maximized by using the System Performance Kit. The Kit consists of two pieces of 0.25mm (0.010") ID PEEK tubing, two finger-tight connectors, and two PEEK ferrules. Modify your HPLC instrument with these components so your HPLC columns can be attached and removed from the system without using special tools or wrenches, yet still achieve leak-free operation and minimized extra-column band broadening. The Kit is included with each PEEK HPLC column, HAIGUARD System, and HAIPEEK Cartridge Holder.

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