Nucleobond Filter Papers

Eliminate Plasmid Maxi-Prep Centrifugation


Nucleobond Filter papers (p/n MN 740561) are specifically designed to eliminate the centrifugation step after an alkaline lysis DNA extraction. Use of Nucleobond Filter papers reduces the hands on time and the plastic waste of alternative syringe filter techniques and, in approximately 10 minutes of unattended operation, completely removes SDS and cellular debris from your plasmid sample. Whether you use Nucleobond AX®, brand "P" or "Q", or your own maxi-prep technique, Nucleobond Filter papers will work for you.

The Nucleobond Filter papers do not induce shearing of extremely large DNA forms, such as PACs or BACs. By minimizing the time endonucleases have to digest or nick your plasmid, they are unique in their ability to speed up the recovery of large amounts of supercoiled DNA from an alkaline lysis extraction.


Prepare a lysate from bacteria with buffers S1, S2, S3 as per the instructions with your Nucleobond AX® kit, and incubate the mixture on ice for 10 minutes to begin the precipitation of SDS and cellular debris. Put the folded filter onto a 50 ml tube or equilibrated Nucleobond AX cartridge, wet it with 0.5 - 1.0 ml of water and fill it with the cooled lysate. Collect the cleared flow-though. These filters are suitable for plasmid isolation with Nucleobond AX 100 and larger cartridges, where the volume of the lysate is sufficient to effect a complete hydration and wash of the filter paper. To get the maximal recovery of DNA, rinse the filter paper with an additional 1.5 ml of water. Continue with the published Nucleobond AX or alternative protocol at the sample loading step.

Ordering Info:

Part Number         Quantity        Price
MN 740561-05           50 Papers          $48.00
MN 740561-01           10 Papers          $10.00

For use with:

Cartridge Size    Part Number   Description
AX-100               MN 740573-01     PC 100 Kit:  20 Cartridges & buffers
                     MN 740521        20 Cartridges only

AX-500 MN 740574-01 PC 500 Kit: 10 Cartridges & buffers MN 740531 10 Cartridges only

AX-2000 MN 740576-01 PC 2000 Kit: 5 Cartridges & buffers MN 740525 10 Cartridges only

AX-104 MN 740593-01 PC 104 Kit: 5 Cartridges & buffers MN 740534 5 Cartridges only

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Updated 1/20/98