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Merck SeQuant Newsletter - March 2009
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Our aim is to present interesting and valuable news to our readers, and we intend to highlight methods and strategies for HILIC separation of polar and hydrophilic compounds, such as peptides, metabolites, ions etc.

This edition - March 2009, focuses on a new scientific paper on HILIC with alcohol as a weak eluent, and an invitation to the first US HILIC Day, Sunday May 31, in Philadelphia, prior to the 57th ASMS conference.

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Dr Patrik Appelblad
Dr Tobias Jonsson

Alcohol Based Eluents
Acetonitrile is the most common organic modifier for HILIC separation of polar compounds. Some application oriented studies with other solvents exist, but with limited correlation to the separation mechanism. A recent study in Journal of Chromatography A, by Liu et al., separation parameters such as the type and concentration of alcohol, acid modifier, and buffer in mobile phase as well as the choice of stationary phase and column temperature have been studied.

The presented data in this study can be used as a guideline to adjust retention and separation of analytes in HILIC mode with alcohol as a weak eluent.

The HILIC Day is a forum for discussing and learning about this emerging chromatography based technology. The meeting is a mix of basic understanding of the theory underlying the chromatographic principle, tips and tricks for method development, troubleshooting, applications, and workshops.

Regardless of whether you are new to HILIC or an experienced user, this is an event where you can meet with colleagues to share and acquire knowledge.

To participate, use the form at....

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