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Merck SeQuant HILIC Newsletter - October 2009
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Our aim is to present interesting and valuable news to our readers, and we intend to highlight methods and strategies for HILIC separation of polar and hydrophilic compounds, such as peptides, metabolites, ions etc.

This edition - October 2009, focuses on separation of amino acids and peptides for peptide and protein quantification.

Merck SeQuant develops and manufactures innovative products for separation and purification. We take pride in delivering high quality products and advanced technical support to customers world wide.

Dr Patrik Appelblad
Dr Tobias Jonsson

The potential of using HILIC for peptide mapping is illustrated with trypsin digested proteins.

The overall result to expect when combining HILIC with reversed phase, is higher sequence coverage, thus better characterisation of proteins.

Amino Acids
In a recent study by Kato et al. in Journal of Chromatography B, it was shown that amino acid analysis with HILIC and MS provide accurate quantification of underivatized amino acids from hydrolyzed protein/peptides.

After removal of chloride ions in hydrolyzates one can expect better recovery and more precise data compared with a commercially available precolumn derivatization methods.

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