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HILIC Newsletter - November 2008
This HILIC Newsletter from The Nest Group, Inc. aims to highlight methods and strategies for HILIC separations by polar differences, especially for hydrophilic compounds such as carbohydrates, peptides, metabolites, inorganic ions, etc.. This edition focuses on the determination of melamine in food and on upcoming "HILIC Day" seminars in different countries.

If you have an interest in attending a HILIC users meeting, please let us know by responding through the subscribe link in the newsletter and tell us which technical meeting you might be attending at which we could sponsor such a discussion.

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Dr. Patrik Appelblad
Dr. Tobias Jonsson

Melamine in Food
Melamine has recently been found in milk products and animal feed, where it possibly have been added to give a false impression of high protein content. Regulatory levels of both melamine and cyanuric acid (which in combination may produce fatal kidney stones) can be monitored using a ZIC¨-HILIC column in combination with a triple mass spectrometer.
HILIC Day Seminars
Welcome to the HILIC Day! This one day event will guide you through fundamentals as well as application and useful tips for the HILIC separation technique. Regardless of experience, this is the place to be to and meet with colleagues sharing the interest for separation science.
HILIC opens up unique possibilities for the separation of polar and hydrophilic substances using simple buffer systems, compatible with LC/MS, ELSD and other detection techniques.

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