NucleoSpin C&T

Protocol for the isolation of genomic DNA out of mouse tails

Preparation of buffers


Before starting the NucleoSpin C&T Mouse Tails prepare the following reagents:

  • If buffer T1 is precipitated, dissolve it by a short incubation at 56C (2-3 minutes)

  • Prepare buffer B3 in the following manner:

  • The proteinase K must be dissolved in sterile water (1250Ál) and should be stored at 4C.
  • Add 48ml ethanol (96%) to the buffer B5 before use.
  • Buffers B3 and B5 must be stored at room temperature.
  • Buffer B1 contains guanidine hydrochloride. Wear gloves and goggles.

    Standard Protocol

    1. Cut two ~0.5cm pieces of tail in a 1.5ml centrifuge tube and add 180Ál buffer T1.

    2. Make sure that buffers B3, B5 and the proteinase K solution have been prepared according to the remarks above.

    3. Add 25Ál of proteinase K stock solution, mix by vortexing, and incubate at 56C in a shaking waterbath until complete lysis is obtained (~1-3 hours). Additional 3-4 times vortexing every 10-15 minutes leads to shorter lysis times. At the end of this incubation prepare a 70C waterbath.

    4. Incubate the mixture for 10 minutes at 70C. In order to remove cell debris centrifuge five minutes at 10,000xg. Transfer the supernatant (200Ál) to a clean tube.

    5. Add 200 Ál buffer B3 and 200Ál ethanol (96-100%) to the sample and mix by vortexing.

    6. Place the NucleoSpin tube into a 2ml centrifuge tube. Apply the sample to the NucleoSpin tube and centrifuge 1 minute at 6000xg (RT). If the sample is not drawn through the matrix completely please repeat the centrifugation step. Discard the filtrate.

    7. Add 500Ál buffer B5 (including ethanol) to the spin cup and centrifuge 1 minute at 6000xg (RT). Discard the flowthrough. Repeat this washing step.

    8. After the two washing steps with buffer B5, discard the flowthrough, place the NucleoSpin tube again in the centrifuge tube and centrifuge 1 minute at 6000xg (RT) in order to remove buffer B5 completely.

    9. Place the NucleoSpin tube into a clean 1.5ml centrifuge tube and elute the DNA with 200Ál preheated (70C) 10mM Tris/HCl, pH=9. Centrifuge for 1 minute at 6000xg (RT). A five minute incubation at 60-70C of the NucleoSpin column and the buffer before centrifugation leads to a better yield.

    Having specific problems? Please refer to the Nucleobond AX Trouble Shooting Guide.

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    Updated 1/20/98