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Key to table:
G Good Chemical Resistance
F Fair Chemical Resistance
N Not Recommended for use

Membrane Solvent Compatibility Table
Cellulose Ester Regenerated Cellulose (RC)
Acetic Acid (diluted, 5%) F G
Acetic Acid (med conc, 25%) N G
Acetic Acid (glacial) N G
Acetonitrile N G
Acetone N G
Ammonium hydroxide (diluted) N G
Ammonium hydroxide (med conc) N F
Amyl acetate N G
Amyl alcohol N G
Benzene G G
Benzyl alcohol N G
Boric acid G G
Butyl acetate N G
Butyl alcohol N G
Carbon tetrachloride G G
Chloracetic acid N G
Chloroform N G
Chromic acid N N
Cresol N G
Cyclohexanone N G
Cellulose Ester Regenerated Cellulose (RC)
Dimethyl formamide (DMF) N F
Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) N F
Ethers N G
Ethyl acetate N G
Ethyl alcohol (95%) F G
Ethylene glycol G G
Ethylene oxide N F
Formaldehyde (30%) F G
Formic acid (25%) N G
Glycerol G G
Hexane G G
Hydrochloric acid (diluted, 5%) G G
Hydrochloric acid (med conc, 25%) F N
Hydrochloric acid (conc, 37%) N N
Hydrofluoric acid (25%) N F
Hydrogen peroxide (30%) G G
Iodine solutions N N
Isopropyl alcohol F G
Kerosene G G
Lactic acid G G
Cellulose Ester Regenerated Cellulose (RC)
Methyl alcohol (98%) F G
Methyl chloride N G
Nitric acid (diluted, 5%) F G
Nitric acid (med conc, 25%) N N
Nitric acid (conc, 70%) N N
Nitrobenzene N N
Oils, mineral G G
Pentane G G
Perchloric acid (25%) N G
Perchloroethylene G G
Phenol (10%) N G
Phosphoric acid (25%) G G
Potassium hydroxide (med conc, 25%) N G
Potassium hydroxide (conc, 50%) N N
Pyridine N G
Silicone oil G G
Sodium hydroxide (diluted, 5%) N F
Sodium hydroxide (med conc, 25%) N F
Sodium hydroxide (conc, 50%) N N
Sulfuric acid (diluted, 5%) F G
Cellulose Ester Regenerated Cellulose (RC)
Sulfuric acid (med conc, 25%) N F
Sulfuric acid (conc, 96%) N N
Toluene G G
Trichloroacetic acid (25%) N N
Trichloroethylene N G
Turpentine G G
Xylene G G