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Desalting Columns


Dye Removal






Ion Chromatography

Organic Acids

Peptides & Proteins

Process Columns

Small Molecules



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 Agarose-prices or application information
 Amino acid analysis columns
 Amino acid specific peptide isolation kits
 Anion Exchange Columns
 BioPureSPN™: Storable, Semi-Reusable Spin Columns & Standard Format BioPureSPE for peptides, proteins & polar molecules. (Custom Packings available on Demaand)
 Capillary Columns for LC-MS/MS Proteomics Fractionation
 Cation Exchange Columns
 Complex Carbohydrate Analysis Columns
 Cozap Destaining Pads for Coomassie Blue removal from Protein Gels
 DEAE, Weak Anion Exchange Columns for proteins, nucleici acids or metabolomics
 Detergent Removal Columns
 Dialysis (microdialysis or equilibrium dialysis) plates and membranes
 Histidine Removal from Biologics Histidine Removal Kits
 Hydrophobic Interaction Columns (HIC), for Separation of Proteins
 Hydrophilic Interaction Columns (HILIC), for Peptides and Separation of Solutes by Polar Differences
 HILICON®: iHILIC® Fusion & Fusion(+) columns, or iSPE® HILIC cartridges for metabolite separation by polar differences. Robust chemistry and up to 2000 metabolites in 20 miutes.
 Monoclonal Antibody Concentration and Desalting columns (non-membrane based) Consep™
 Monoclonal Antibody using RPC PolyRP™ 1000Å, or HIC especially for Antibody Drug Conjugates
 Nucleic Acid Isolation by RPC or HILIC
 Oligonucleotide Separations by HPLC Columns
 PolyAromatic Hydrocarbon Columns
 Peptide & Protein Reverse Phase, RPC, Columns
 PolyLC, Inc.: ERLIC, HIC, HILIC, IEX, post ICAT SCX, 2-D HPLC, and SEC columns
 QAE, Strong Anion Exchange Columns
 Small Molecule Reverse Phase (RPC) & High pH RPC Columns
 Solid Phase Extraction (Micro-Scale SPE) - AmiKa (Harvard Apparatus) MiniSpin Column Kits
ZIC®-HILIC  MilliporeSigma® columns for HPLC separation by polar differences in molecules (See also HILICON®)
 Sepax-Tech: "Better Surface Chemistry for Better Separation"™ high performance SEC & non-porous IEX columns; Polymeric porous and non-porous PolyRP™ RPC high pH capable alternatives to PLRP-S™ RPC and PL-Gel™ ; & IEX columns for small molecule, peptide or antibody analyses.
 YMC America: A full range of columns and bulk media for HPLC or process separations.

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