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  • Exclusieve™ Agarose

  • Amika Corp.: Dialysis and microSPE MS desalting products (a Harvard Apparatus company)

  • Biomolecular Technologies, Inc.: Amino acid specific isolation, antibody concentration/desalting & histidine removal kits

  • BioPureSPN™: Semi-Reusable RPC Spin Columns & Standard Format BioPureSPE for peptides, proteins & polar molecules

  • ID Biologics: Histidine Removal Columns

  • Cozap Destaining Pads for Coomassie Blue removal from Protein Gels

  • Hichrom/Vydac®: RPC columns, FOB UK

  • Higgins Analytical, Inc.: Amino acid (AccQ-Tag, PTC, PTH, DABSYL), peptide and small molecule columns (0.075mmID Nano-Capillary to 20mmID Prep).

  • HILICON®: iHILIC® Fusion & Fusion(+) columns, or iSPE® HILIC cartridges for metabolite separation by polar differences. Robust chemistry and up to 2000 metabolites in 20 miutes.

  • Kronlab: High pressure, adjustable glass columns for production applications

  • PolyLC, Inc.: ERLIC, HIC, HILIC, IEX, post ICAT SCX, 2-D HPLC, and SEC columns

  • MilliporeSigma® (EMD Millipore) Merck SeQuant: ZIC®-HILIC columns for HPLC separation by polar differences in molecules.

  • Sepax-Tech: "Better Surface Chemistry for Better Separation"™ high performance SEC & non-porous IEX columns; Polymeric porous and non-porous PolyRP™ RPC high pH capable alternatives to PLRP-S™ RPC and PL-Gel™ ; & IEX columns for small molecule, peptide or antibody analyses.

  • YMC America: A full range of columns and bulk media for HPLC or process separations. Go back to menu.


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