Efforts to eliminate solute-silanol interactions have recently lead to big advancements in sorbent chemistry.  While "secondary" effects can be vital for obtaining desired selectivity in some applications, they rarely help when polar amines are being analyzed.

Higgins' new TARGA columns are true to the Latin root of their name.  Targa, meaning "sheild," is precisely the effect the unique bonded phase has on the silica's silanol surface.

Many HPLC column manufacturers illustrate the performance of their columns packed with inert, base deactivated, "Type B silica" bonded phases by the chromatographic behavior of polar compounds such as pyridine.  Performance claims can be misleading, however, when mobile phases are buffered to low pH or when they contain high percentages of organic solvent.

A more revealing test for solute-silanol interaction is to use a mobile phase containing a relatively low amount of organic solvent and no additives or buffers.  Compared to two popular HPLC columns, whose manufacturers claim have a high degree of inertness, the TARGA C18 column exhibits very good efficiency and symmetry for pyridine.

Targa1icon.jpg (1452 bytes)

More Targa product information is in HAINEWS #5

Other TARGA Chromatograms:

VitaFaticon.jpg (1766 bytes)
myoglobinicon.jpg (1795 bytes)
patelcyicon.jpg (1876 bytes)
Fat-soluble vitamin assay
Microbore tryptic map of myoglobin without TFA
Microbore tryptic map of cytochrome C without TFA
patelpyicon.jpg (1813 bytes)
Pepstd1icon.jpg (2023 bytes)
nucleotide.jpg (1322 bytes)
Unbuffered pyridine and phenol on Targa C18 5µm
Basic   peptides without TFA 0.1% acetic acid, pH 3.1 215nm
Nucleotides 15mM Ammonium acetate, pH 6.0, 0% to 10% MeOH, Targa C18 5µm 260nm

Part Numbers

HAIPEEK™ Analytical Cartridges
20x2.1mm 40x2.1mm 50x2.1mm
C18 5µm H TK-0221-C185 H TK-0421-C185 H TK-0521-C185

Stainless Steel HPLC Columns
Analytical Columns 50x4.6mm 100x4.6mm 150x4.6mm 250x4.6mm
C18 5µm H TS-0546-C185 H TS-1046-C185 H TS-1546-C185 H TS-2546-C185
Solvent Saver 50x3.0mm 100x3.0mm 150x3.0mm 250x3.0mm
C18 5µm H TS-0530-C185 H TS-1030-C185 H TS-1530-C185 H TS-2530-C185
Narrow Bore 50x2.1mm 100x2.1mm 150x2.1mm 250x2.1mm
C18 5µm H TS-0521-C185 H TS-1021-C185 H TS-1521-C185 H TS-2521-C185

TARGA Microbore HPLC Columns
1.0mm 3 cm 5 cm 10 cm 15 cm 25 cm
C18 5µm H TS-0301-C185 H TS-0501-C185 H TS-1001-C185 H TS-1501-C185 H TS-2501-C185
0.8mm 3 cm 5 cm 10 cm 15 cm 25 cm
C18 5µm H TS-03M8-C185 H TS-05M8-C185 H TS-10M8-C185 H TS-15M8-C185 H TS-25M8-C185
0.5mm 30x3.0mm 50x3.0mm 100x3.0mm 150x3.0mm  
C18 5µm H TS-03M5-C185 H TS-05M5-C185 H TS-10M5-C185 H TS-15M5-C185  

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