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AccQ-Tag®, Pico-Tag®, Spherisorb® are registered trademarks of Waters® Corporation
Bio-Gel® is a trademark of BioRad®.
Cozap, UltraMicroSpin, MACRO-Spin, Biodialyser, Dispo-Dialyser, DispoEquilibrium Dialyser, PrepTip are trademarks of Harvard Apparatus
BioPureSPN™, EXCLU-SIEVE™, MACCEL™, PolyAspartic Acid™, and PAGE Eraser™ are trademearks of The Nest Group, Inc. ™ (
Guard-Disc® is a trademark of Transgenomics, Inc.
HAISIL™, HAICART™, HAIPEEK™, HAIFILTER™, HEAVY™, CLIPEUS™, PROTO™, PROTO300™, PHALANX™, SPRITE™, PICCOLO™, CAPILLINI™, µTrap™, Caπllary™, HAISpeed™, and HAIGUARD™ are trademarks of Higgins Analytical, Inc.. TARGA® is a registered trademark of Higgins Analytical, Inc.. HAIGUARD™ and Guard-Disc® are covered by U.S. Patent 5,338,448 and other patents pending
HyperCarb® and Hypersil® are a registered trademarks of ThermoFisher Scientific, Inc.
iHILIC® and iSPE® are registered trademarks of HILICON® AB
ICAT™ is a trademark of the University of Washington.
Kromasil is a trademark of Eka Nobel.
LC Packings® is a registered trademark of Dionex, Inc.
NewGuard and MPLC are trademarks of Perkin-Elmer.
Nucleogen®, NucleobondAX®, and NucleoSpin® a registered trademark of Macherey-Nagel, GmbH
Pi3 is a trademark of BioMolecular Technologies, Inc.
PLRP-S, PL-SAX, PL-SCX are trademarks of Agilent Technologies, Inc.
PolyPROPYL A™, PolyETHYL A™, PolyMETHYL A™, PolyCAT A™, PolyWAX LP™, PolyGLYCOPLEX™, PolySULFOETHYL A™ PolyHYDROXYETHYL A™, are trademarks of PolyLC, Inc.
PolyRP™ is a trademark of Sepax Technologies, Inc.
ProntoSIL®, Hyperbond, Spheribond, are trademarks of Bischoff Chromatography, GmbH
Sepharose®, Sephadex®, MonoQ®, MonoS® are registered trademarks of GE Healthcare, Inc.
Teflon® is a registered trademark of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company
TSK-Gel® and Amide-80® are registered trademarks of Tosoh Bioscience® LLC
VYDAC®, EVEREST®, DENALI®, ModCol®, GRACE® and GRACE/VYDAC® are registered trademarks of W.R. Grace &Co-Conn.
YMC-Pack™ & Diol-SEC™ & BioPro™ are trademarks of YMC America, Inc.
Zenix™ & SRT™ are trademarks of Sepax Technologies, Inc.
ZIC® is a registered trademark of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
ZipTip® is a registered trademark of Millipore® Corporation
Zorbax® is a registered trademark of Agilent Technologies® Inc.
This trademark list has been compiled using available published information as of this update and may not reflect current trademark ownership.

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For your convenience, we accept Mastercard, VISA, and American Express credit cards.

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