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The Nest Group, Incorporated is in the international business of developing, marketing, and servicing, for optimum profit to us and our customers, specialty chemicals and separation strategies for the biotechnology, synthetic chemical, pharmaceutical, and university medical research industries - in accordance with accepted ecologic and social considerations.

We will create an industry image that automatically causes people in the industries we serve to think first of The Nest Group. We will justify their action by first thinking of the customer's needs - what's right for them makes it right for The Nest Group - by supplying a total approach including product, know-how and services that assist in meeting all their needs.

We continue to believe in the supreme worth of the individual and the dignity of his or her work for the benefit of all. We will provide the opportunity for our people to fulfill satisfactorily their own personal objectives and ambitions and reward them in proportion to their contribution toward achieving the corporate objectives. We will continue to be a place of opportunity where people "have the guts to fail." We will encourage the entrepreneurs and innovators. We will continually challenge the goals, objectives, organization and all the operating and procedural aspects of our business and modify them when needed. Our progress and your progress, our Company's long-term advantage and your long-term advantage, lie in our human resources. Other advantages that come about from technological improvements, the opening of new markets, lower costs, etc., all prove to be relatively short run. So, basically, it is the initiative, the will and the motivation that people bring to their work on which we rely for our survival and growth. We will continue to try to attract new people who have creative and probing minds; people who will at times be disturbing - questioning policy and procedures. If we are wise, we will welcome it, resolve it, put it to work, or forget it. We will continue to expand with the best possible talent available and continue to train them, and ourselves, so that we each increase our ability to contribute to the Company's progress. We will each strive to exemplify The Nest Group Spirit of teamwork and cooperation throughout the organization, which has been instrumental to our past and present growth as a corporation.

First, and foremost, we expect of you a fundamental honesty - honesty with yourself, with your Company and with all those with whom you interact, whether they be associates within our organization, our customers or society in general. Character and strength have always been born of honesty and a willingness to face up to the truth of each situation as it arises.
Second, we expect and insist on hard work. An easy life, marked by the absence of difficulty, builds neither character nor happiness. We believe that self-realization of the individual is founded on accomplishment, which implies a willingness to make the sacrifices necessary to get the job done the way it should be done.
Third, we expect you to accept responsibility. Every assignment you will have carries with it a responsibility for accomplishment. Commit yourself to achievement that you consider beyond the scope of your talents and then program your effort to translate it into a reality.
Fourth, we expect of you a loyalty - loyalty to yourself, your family, your associates, your organization and our customers. We have always worked together as an organization and your own personal achievements will be measured in terms of the contribution you make to our joint effort.
Fifth, we expect you to demonstrate good judgment. Judgment is essentially an ability to appraise facts. Factual knowledge must come before good judgment. This means you must continually educate yourself on our Company, our products and our industry. In this way, you will have the material on which a sound appraisal of good judgment is based.
This is what we expect of you, and being in an extremely competitive environment, we have a real urgency in this expectancy.

One, you can expect from us the fairest treatment of which we are capable - fair in respect to matters of compensation, fair in respect to working conditions and fair in respect to personnel policies.
Two, you can expect from us, as a Company, complete honesty in whatever we do. Your assignments will never compromise the principles of honesty and common decency, which we also expect you, as an individual, to uphold.
Three, you can expect that we will provide assignments which will represent challenges to you - assignments which will enable you to grow toward your professional and personal objectives.
Four, you can expect that we will offer opportunities for advancement. Our desire is to grow from within.
Five, you can expect that we will be a demanding organization - demanding of your time, your talents and the best which you as an individual have to offer. In this way our company will grow and you will grow with it.

Perhaps all this can best be summarized in these words from an unknown author:

Edited and adapted from MacDermid, Inc., with permission, by:
Amos Heckendorf, President

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