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LC-MS/MS Columns for MudPIT (DALPC) or post ICAT Proteome Fractionation LC-MS/MS Columns for MudPIT (DALPC) or post ICAT Proteome Fractionation

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Amino Acid Specific Peptide Capture Kits

Cation Exchange for 2-D HPLC


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Higgins Capillary Columns

Strong Cation Exchange for 2-D HPLC Proteomics

Strong Cation Exchange (SCX) precolumn fractionation coupled directly to RPC-MS-MS simplifies complex protein digest characterization for increased productivity. Whether Multidimensional Chromatographic Analysis of Proteins (MudPIT), Signature Peptides, the DALPC method (Direct Analysis of Large Protein Complexes), ICAT™ (isotope-coded affinity tagged) labeled, or specific amino acid containing peptides are desired from digested proteins for proteomic characterization, this SCX column in tandem with a capillary RPC column allows true 2-D chromatographic fractionation of 1,500-2000 peptides per run at 5 orders of magnitude better detectability than 2-D gel electrophoresis.

Use of the 200Å pore SCX packings will allow the isolation of +1 peptides (C-terminal, blocked N-terminal and phosphopeptides) in the first three peaks after injection, prior to starting the salt gradient for off-line 2-D fractionation. Use of the 4.6mmID x 50mm column affords >1mg capacity with the added benefit of allowing a greater number of injections before requiring the cleaning of trypsin from the column. The 2.1mmID x 50mm SCX column would allow > 0.2mg capacity. For information of these products see our complete PolyLC price list.

PolySULFOETHYL Aspartamide SCX, (silica) is Excellent for post ICAT or DALPC* fractionation for Proteomics!

PolySULFOETHYL Prices, Strong Cation-Exchange of Peptides, Capillary Columns, 5µm, 300Å
Part Number Description PolyLC #
P05M2SE0503 PolySULFOETHYL A, 0.150x50mm, 5µm, 300Å 050.15SE0503
P10M2SE0503 PolySULFOETHYL A, 0.150x100mm, 5µm, 300Å 100.15SE0503
P15M2SE0503 PolySULFOETHYL A, 0.150x150mm, 5µm, 300Å 150.15SE0503
P03M3SE0503 PolySULFOETHYL A, 0.320x32mm, 5µm, 300Å 032.30SE0503
P05M3SE0503 PolySULFOETHYL A, 0.320x50mm, 5µm, 300Å 050.32SE0503
P10M3SE0503 PolySULFOETHYL A, 0.320x100mm, 5µm, 300Å 100.32SE0503
P15M3SE0503 PolySULFOETHYL A, 0.320x150mm, 5µm, 300Å 150.32SE0503
PolySULFOETHYL Prices, Strong Cation-Exchange of Protein Digests for Proteomics, Capillary Columns, 5µm, 200Å
Part Number Description PolyLC #
P05M2SE0502 PolySULFOETHYL A, 0.150x50mm, 5µm, 200Å 050.15SE0502
P10M2SE0502 PolySULFOETHYL A, 0.150x100mm, 5µm, 200Å 100.15SE0502
P15M2SE0502 PolySULFOETHYL A, 0.150x150mm, 5µm, 200Å 150.15SE0502
P03M3SE0502 PolySULFOETHYL A, 0.320x32mm, 5µm, 200Å 032.30SE0502
P05M3SE0502 PolySULFOETHYL A, 0.320x50mm, 5µm, 200Å 050.32SE0502
P10M3SE0502 PolySULFOETHYL A, 0.320x100mm, 5µm, 200Å 100.32SE0502
P15M3SE0502 PolySULFOETHYL A, 0.320x150mm, 5µm, 200Å 150.32SE0502

PolyHYDROXYETHYL Prices, HILIC of Peptides and Polar Molecules, Capillary Columns, 5µm
Part Number Description PolyLC #
P05M2HY0503 PolyHYDROXYETHYL A, 0.150x50mm, 5µm, 300Å 050.15HY0503
P10M2HY0503 PolyHYDROXYETHYL A, 0.150x100mm, 5µm, 300Å 100.15HY0503
P15M2HY0503 PolyHYDROXYETHYL A, 0.150x150mm, 5µm, 300Å 150.15HY0503
P05M3HY0503 PolyHYDROXYETHYL A, 0.320x50mm, 5µm, 300Å 050.32HY0503
P10M3HY0503 PolyHYDROXYETHYL A, 0.320x100mm, 5µm, 300Å 100.32HY0503
P15M3HY0503 PolyHYDROXYETHYL A, 0.320x150mm, 5µm, 300Å 150.32HY0503
PolyHYDROXYETHYL Prices, HILIC of Metabolites and Polar Molecules, Capillary Columns, 5µm, 100Å
Part Number Description PolyLC #
P05M2HY0501 PolyHYDROXYETHYL A, 0.150x50mm, 5µm, 100Å 050.15HY0501
P10M2HY0501 PolyHYDROXYETHYL A, 0.150x100mm, 5µm, 100Å 100.15HY0501
P15M2HY0501 PolyHYDROXYETHYL A, 0.150x150mm, 5µm, 100Å 150.15HY0501
P05M3HY0501 PolyHYDROXYETHYL A, 0.320x50mm, 5µm, 100Å 050.32HY0501
P10M3HY0501 PolyHYDROXYETHYL A, 0.320x100mm, 5µm, 100Å 100.32HY0501
P15M3HY0501 PolyHYDROXYETHYL A, 0.320x150mm, 5µm, 100Å 150.32HY0501

PolyCAT Prices, Weak Cation-Exchange of Proteins, Capillary Columns, 5µm, 300Å
Part Number Description PolyLC #
P05M2CT0503 PolyCAT A, 0.150x50mm, 5µm, 300Å 050.15CT0503
P10M2CT0503 PolyCAT A, 0.150x100mm, 5µm, 300Å 100.15CT0503
P15M2CT0503 PolyCAT A, 0.150x150mm, 5µm, 300Å 150.15CT0503
P05M3CT0503 PolyCAT A, 0.320x50mm, 5µm, 300Å 050.32CT0503
P10M3CT0503 PolyCAT A, 0.320x100mm, 5µm, 300Å 100.32CT0503
P15M3CT0503 PolyCAT A, 0.320x150mm, 5µm, 300Å 150.32CT0503

ERLIC for Selective Isolation of Phosphopeptides:
At pH 2.0, phosphate groups in peptides retain some of their negative charge. This does not permit the isolation by anion-exchange chromatography of singlely phosphorylated peptides from tryptic digests, since the electrostatic attraction is not sufficient to overcome the electrostatic repulsion from the N-terminus and the C-terminal Lys- or Arg- residue toward the basic functional groups of the column. However, phosphate residues are quite hydrophilic.

In the eHLIC mode, the combination of electrostatic attraction and hydrophilic interaction suffices to pull singly phosphorylated peptides away from the non-phosphorylated peptides in tryptic digests, at pH 2. Also, unlike the situation with high-affinity media such as IMAC or titania, the phosphopeptides are well-resolved from each other. This permits their convenient separation into numerous fractions, an important tool in phosphoproteomics for identifying the sequences of thousands of phosphopeptides from a single sample.

PolyWAX LP™ ERLIC Separation Phospho-peptides

PolyWAX Prices, Weak Anion-Exchange of Proteins or eHILIC of Phosphopeptides Capillary Columns
P05M2WX0503 PolyWAX LP, 0.150x50mm, 5µm, 300Å 050.15WX0503
P10M2WX0503 PolyWAX LP, 0.150x100mm, 5µm, 300Å 100.15WX0503
P15M2WX0503 PolyWAX LP, 0.150x150mm, 5µm, 300Å 150.15WX0503
P05M3WX0503 PolyWAX LP, 0.320x50mm, 5µm, 300Å 050.32WX0503
P10M3WX0503 PolyWAX LP, 0.320x100mm, 5µm, 300Å 100.32WX0503
P15M3WX0503 PolyWAX LP, 0.320x150mm, 5µm, 300Å 150.32WX0503

Other PolyLC Column Configurations and Prices.

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