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Chemistry Links

American Chemical Society

  • The American Chemical Society web site contains many items for chemists, including pages from the Journal of the American Chemical Society.
  • Association of Biomolecular Research Facilities (ABRF) Discussion Group (moderated)

  • Like the Mass Spec. Techniques Discussion Group this ABRF forum has archives of solutions to common biomolecular technique problems.
  • Center for Atmospheric Science

  • Centre for Atmospheric Science is part of the chemistry department at Cambridge University.
  • Chemical Engineering

  • Chemical Engineering-related resource links are found at this Stanford site.
  • Chemistry Data

  • This NIST Chemistry WebBook contains thermochemical data for organic and small inorganic compounds, reaction thermochemistry data, IR spectra, mass spectra , electronic / vibrational spectra, constants of diatomic molecules (spectroscopic data), ion energetics data, and thermophysical property data.
  • Wolfram|Alpha™ a computational knowledge engine which contains information on chemical elements, unit conversions, flash points, thermodynamic properties, reactivity, and much more. Based on a new kind of knowledge-based computing Wolfram|Alpha is the first step in an ambitious, long-term project to make all systematic knowledge immediately computable by anyone. Enter your chemical question or calculation and Wolfram|Alpha uses its built-in algorithms and a growing collection of data to compute the answer.
  • Chemistry Teaching Resources

  • Guide to Online Schools provides chemistry history, courses, curriculum, and experiment resources for teachers.
  • Chemistry Hall blog on topics for chemists such as Bee vs. Wasp Sting Venom: Truth and Chemical Myths
  • ChemSpy

  • helps you to find chemistry and chemical engineering related terms, definitions, synonyms, acronyms and abbreviations. Also search forms for finding MSDS/safety data, scientific publications in over 20.000 different journals, physical data of chemical compounds, worldwide patents and spectral data are available.
  • College of Chemistry at Berkeley

  • The College of Chemistry at Berkeley - this excellent site offers a hypertext periodic table with details about all the elements. Some interesting mpeg movies of molecules are located here also.
  • Combinatorial Chemistry

  • Combinatorial Chemistry Tutorial and glossary on the concepts and methods of combinatorial chemistry. A collection of links to other sites on Combinatorial Chemistry is also featured.
  • Hofmeister Effect and Hydrophobic Interaction

  • The Interactions between macromolecules and ions: the Hofmeister series. Implications for HIC. This site discusses the ranking of various ions toward their ability to precipitate a mixture of proteins.
  • Hyperactive Molecules

  • Hyperactive Molecules Using Chemical MIME - this cool web site allows you to create your own movie of a rotating molecule.
  • Links for Chemists

  • Links for Chemists - this site lists many resources related to chemistry including a calculator for mass and element analysis
  • WWW Chemistry Guide - a collection of links for organic, biochemical, computational, medicinal and other chemistry research or education.
  • Mass Spec. Techniques Discussion Group (moderated)

  • Like the ABRF Discussion Group this sci.techniques.mass-spec forum has archives of solutions to common MS technique problems.
  • Molar Extinction Coefficient Calculations for Proteins

  • In addition to "How to measure and predict the molar absorption coefficient of a protein" C. Nick Pace, et al., Protein Science (1995), 2411-2423. See ProtParam for tools for the accurate calculation of protein molar absorption coefficients.
  • Organic Chemistry

  • The Organic Chemistry Portal offers an overview of recent topics, interesting reactions, and information on important chemicals for organic chemists.
  • Peptide Overview

  • Oleg Larin's PeptidesGuide site offers a nice understanding of peptides which have been used in a variety of applications, including biomedical research, peptide-based vaccines, peptide nanotubes, design of novel enzymes, diagnostic peptides, etc.
  • Peptide Retention Time Calculations

  • Oleg Krokhin's RT Calculator. New sequence-specific correction factors for prediction of peptide retention in RP-HPLC: application to protein identification by off-line HPLC-MALDI-MS. This version has been developed for the same set of ~2000 tryptic peptides and features new correction factors related to a peptide's propensity to form helical structures. Correlation about 0.98 (R-squared value) was obtained for the training set of 2000 peptides compared to 0.96 for version 2.
  • pKa Calculations

  • Calculate pKa and utilize information resources for life scientists with an interest in biological macromolecules. Links to protein sequence, 3D structure and 2D-gel analytical tools are provided on the ExPASy server, and more specifically from its Proteomics tools page.
  • Polymer Science and Technology

  • IRC in Polymer Science and Technology (Leeds) - a consortium of groups involved in polymer research in the Universities of Leeds, Bradford and Durham, England.
  • Ponder Lab Web Server

  • Ponder Lab WWW Server - a lab server focused on computional chemistry and molecular modeling.
  • Solvent Elution Strength Comparison on Various Sorbents

  • This handy site contains a table of equal solvent strengths and offers a comparison of the relative properties of solvents on various sorbents including alumina, silica and C18 bonded silica to assist in solving chromatographic technique problems.
  • Supelco Separation Technologies

  • Supelco's informative URL includes current products and technical information. This site is very thorough and quite useful.
  • Tosoh Bioscience® LLC (formerly TosoHaas and Tosoh Biosep) URL

  • Common TSK-GEL® SEC column and media questions and answers.
  • Virtual Library of Chemistry

  • The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Chemistry - this site links to almost all chemistry-related resources on the internet.
  • Waters Corporation

  • Waters Home Page - a long-standing leader in HPLC systems.
  • WebElements

  • Web-Elements - this is an experimental server/database that also houses information on all of the periodic table elements.
  • World Association of Theoretical Organic Chemists

  • Imperial College - this server has information on upcoming conferences, registration info, Chemical Physics reprints, online presentations, and much more.

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