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Desalting Columns


Dye Removal






Ion Chromatography

Organic Acids

Peptides & Proteins

Process Columns

Small Molecules



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Biological Companies

    This excellent resource is a list of URL's and email addresses for biotech or biotech-related companies. Check out, our competitors. You won't find better service or value from anyone but The Nest Group.

Biological Dictionary

    This dictionary resource also contains links for biotech or biotech-related companies and Biology related tutorials. The Biology Online site is easy to navigate and search.

Biology Protocols

    Lists of more than 3,000 bio protocols on the Protocol Online web site, and full-text word search (not only abstracts) through most of the on-line journals, with lists of links for biology / biotech subjects and more.

Bioinformatics Tools

    This MolBiol.Net - Bioinformatics and Molecular Biology Software Portal is a must see. It contains a plethora of sites relating to Molecular Biology Search and Analysis tools, Bibliographic, Text and WWW Searches, Guides, Tutorials and Help Tools. Unlike Pedro's, which has not been updated since 1996 (a long time in a fast moving discipline like bioinformatics), MolBiol.Net is updated weekly and regularly checked for deadlinks.


    Described as the "Yahoo for biological and medical researchers", BioMedNet Reviews has now been replaced by a new Elsevier review-content service hosted on ScienceDirect. It was the website for biological medical researchers. Registration to BioMedNet was free, and users could search all of BioMedNet without charge and view TOCs and abstracts. Full text articles from biomedical journals are available through subscription.

Lab Sourcebooks

    CSHL's biosupplynet is a list of phone numbers for biotech supply companies. Though cumbersome, it is searchable by product categories.
    CSHL's is an internet web portal designed to bring useful and interesting microbiology informational resources to all interested. is a firm starting point for finding information concerning Microbiology.

Molecular Biology Protocols

National Center for Biotechnology Information

Pharmacia On-Line Catalog

    Pharmacia's extensive catalog includes current products and technical information. You will find this site quite helpful.

Promega, Corp.

    Promega a leading provider of enzymes for molecular biology research applications. Their Protocols page contains a plethora of information relating to Molecular Biology Analysis, Bibliographic, Tutorials and Help Tools.


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