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Antibody Concentration & Desalting Columns

Some of the commonly used analytical techniques in biologics development, such as CE-SDS and icIEF, are significantly affected by high salt and low concentration. Therefore, removing salts and concentrating samples prior to these analyses are necessary in order to generate accurate and quantitive results. Currently salt removal and concentration can be done by using molecular weight cut-off membrane spin columns. This type of spin column can absorb proteins on the membrane leading to unpredicted and disproportional loss of sample. In addition, the need for high g-force and multiple spins with these spin columns adds substantial stress on samples, which may introduce misleading information in stability studies and formulation development.
We have developed a gentle method for the desalting and concentration of biologics in a single easy step. The benefits of our method compared with current membrane-based spin columns:
  • No additional stress added to the proteins
  • Single and rapid step: 4 min process vs. up to 20min process
  • Up to 100% recovery
  • Compatible with most downstream analyses

Concentration and Desalting of a Human Serum IgG Solution
Concentration and Desalting of a Human Serum IgG Solution
CE-SDS Analysis of Before and After Use of a ConSep Column

Histidine Removal

HisSep™ Spin columns from ID Biologics replace membrane techniques for histidine removal from antibody formulations. HisSep™ columns increase the accuracy of assays by removing the interference of histidine in amino acid or icIEF electrophoretic assays.
HisSep, is a spin column product optimized for the rapid and gentle removal of histidine from formulation buffers. Histidine is an excipient which is being used in biologics formulations of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs). Histidine itself, however, interferes with formulation analyses by amino acid analysis and isoelectric focusing. As many of these analyses are used in conjunction with stability studies, the use of membrane filtration devices for histidine removal can add an additional unquantifiable "stress" component to the result of these analyses.

Increased Accuracy Histidine Removal
Increased Accuracy of Antibody Assays After Histidine Removal

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