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Ion Chromatography

Organic Acids

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Below is a chronological list of events:

  • 11/17/23 - Updated link Buffer Preparation Calculator (by Professor Robert J Beynon).
  • 09/29/23 - Added Detergents & Buffers for HIC or IEX separations.
  • 11/03/22 - Added Affinity Ligand Screening or Desalting SPE columns & plates
  • 05/16/22 - Added "EasyFlo" RPC, 96-Well Vacuum Desalting Plates and 96-Well 0.45µm Outlet Positive Pressure/Centrifuge 96-Well Plates.
  • 08/20/21 - Added 1mmID iHILIC®(P)-Classic column availability 1mmID HILIC prices.
  • 06/10/21 - Relative Strength of Salts on Retention in HILIC publication.
  • 06/03/21 - Added 5-850µL Empty BioPureSPN Columns with 10µm frits, C-100500, to replace Page-Erasers (SUM 0007), Empty µ-Permethylation Reactors /w caps (SUM 0000-BW) & Empty Macro-Permethylation Reactors (SMM 0000).
  • 10/22/20 - Linked Nature Protocols, (2020) Glycomic Chacterization. Recommends iSPE® HILIC for (Steps 100–117) Glycoproteomic analysis: protein digestion, enrichment, and MS analysis.
  • 10/20/20 - Added Cardiolipin Isolation Publication ( which outlines a HILIC-based clean‐up method enabling complete separation of polar lipids containing four fatty acyl residues from non-polar lipid classes using iSPE® HILIC columns.
  • 01/21/20 - Added ID Biologics™ High Capacity-High Recovery mAbSep™ Antibody Desalting Kits
  • 10/30/19 - Added iHILIC®-(P) Classic 5µm, 200Å columns for metabolomics, inorganic ions and nTP methods developed on ZIC® pHILIC columns.
  • 5/30/19 - Added RNA-ALIS: Methodology for screening soluble RNAs as small molecule targets.
  • 5/29/19 - Added SEC-Native MS Protein-Conjugate Affinity Screening.
  • 5/09/19 - Added Drug-Protein Conjugate Combinatorial Library Screening using SEC-RPC narrowbore columns on LC-MS systems.
  • 3/12/19 - Added Monitoring glutamine, glutamate, & glufosinate metabolomics
  • 2/22/19 - Added iHILIC® Publications
  • 01/25/19 - Added BioPureSPN HIL-PSA HILIC-Amine part numbers and operating instructions for glycopeptide enrichment or 2-D ERLIC fractionation of peptide digests.
  • 12/13/18 - Added operating instructions for the iHILIC®-(P) Classic
  • 11/5/18 - Added multiple bed mass BioPureSPE Scout-96-Well Plates
  • 10/14/18 - LCGC article on Practical Methods for Improving LC–MS Sensitivity
  • 10/10/18 - Added BioPureSPN HILIC-PSA SPE Primary Secondary Amine ERLIC or IEX
  • 08/28/18 - Added iSPE glycopeptide enrichment data from "Membrane glycomics reveal heterogeneity and quantitative distribution of cell surface sialylation" paper.
  • 08/13/18 - Added BioPureSPN HILIC-IEX SPE Parts & Protocols
  • 08/10/18 - Added ID Biologics™ Expanded Capacity HisSep-250™ Histidine Removal Protocol for Antibody Formulations
  • 07/18/18 - Added high-affinity, iron-chelating Siderophore (Biometal compounds) separations with iHILIC® Fusion
  • 07/02/18 - Added iHILIC® Fusion Phospholipid Class Separations
  • 06/12/18 - Added BioPureSPN Graphite SPE Phosphopeptide & Glycan isolation
  • 11/13/17 - Added iHILIC® Fusion(+) separation of mono- & di-saccharides glucose, fructose, sucrose, maltose
  • 10/23/17 - Added HIC LC-MS for Top Down Proteomics
  • 08/08/17 - Added volatile buffer HIC-LC-MS columns
  • 07/30/17 - Added SEC-LC-MS with volatile buffers publication
  • 06/22/17 - Added Direct Analysis of Amino Acids by HILIC–ESI-MS
  • 05/02/17 - Added Comparison of Zwitterionic HILICON® HILIC columns Fusion to Fusion(+) for LC-MS of underivatized amino acids
  • 03/17/17 - Added Non-Ferrous Columns Piccolo™, Sprite™, HAIPEEK™ cartidges
  • 02/14/17 - Added Effect of Buffer Strength When Separating cGAMP or Di- and Tri-phosphates
  • 12/14/16 - Added semi-reusable BioPureSPN™micro-desalting & particle removal columns for LC-MS samples.
  • 10/14/16 - Added iHILIC® Fusion(P) polymeric columns for inorganic ion analyses.
  • 06/28/16 - Added ERLIC outperforms TiO2-MOAC in quantitative phosphoproteomics with low sample amounts. Comparison of PolyWAX LP® to titanium dioxide
  • 06/26/16 - Added ConSep™ Antibody Concentration and Desalting Columns (115µL --> 20µL without membrane concentration).
  • 06/01/16 - Added iHILIC® Fusion(P) polymeric columns to substitute for pHILIC columns for high pH metabolomic separations.
  • 04/20/16 - Added HILIC separation of UDP-Glucose on iHILIC® Fusion column.
  • 04/18/16 - Added HILIC separation of Artificial Sweetners: Sucralose, Acesulfame K, Saccharin, Neotame, Neohesperidin, Na Cyclamate, & Aspartame.
  • 03/30/16 - Added HisSep a spin column product optimized for the rapid and gentle removal of histidine from antibody formulation buffers.
  • 03/22/2016 - Added Permethylation µ-Reactors /w caps for glycan solid-phase labelling method.
  • 3/18/2016 - Added Cleanup of N-labelled glycans by HILIC SPE.
  • 12/12/2015 - Added iHILIC & iSPE Fusion & Fusion(+) columns & and Cartridge Products for metabolomics. Up to 2000 metabolite IDs in 20 minutes.
  • 10/21/2015 - Added 2015 Higgins Catalog (7.8 MB pdf) of HAISIL™ HPLC Columns, µTrap™, Caπllary™ & Capellini™ capillary columns & and Cartridge Products.
  • 04/05/15 - Added Buffer Preparation Calculator (University of Liverpool). Choose the buffer species you want to use. Enter parameters for volume, pH, and concentration of buffer species, with an option to modify the ionic strength by addition of neutral salt. Finally, enter the temperature at which you'll use the buffer, and the temperature at which you'll make it up. All in all and excellent tool you'll find useful.
  • 03/20/15 - Added Column Portfolio for ADC Characterization overview.
  • 11/15/14 - Added The Importance of Detector Response Time when using Superficially Porous Packings: If not fast enouogh, at low concentrations, narrow peaks appear to give non-linear responses.
  • 9/26/14 - Added Eliminate tailing due to metals chelating sample on frits or MS emitter tips with a 50mM disodium EDTA treatment (an off-line, non-volatile treatment), or more conveniently, with acetylacetonate in the mobile phase.
  • 8/19/14 - Added Removal of phospholipids using HILIC on silica SPE cartridges with acetone as eluent for eliminating matrix effects in the analysis of biological fluids when using RPC LC-MS.
  • 6/24/14 - Added Volatile Buffers for LCMS & ELSD systems.
  • 4/30/14 - Added Antibody Analyses using Zenix SEC & WCX NP5 columns.
  • 3/25/14 - Added Antibody Drug Conjugate (ADC) RP-1000 Analyses
  • 10/25/13 - Added Antibody Drug Conjugate (ADC) Analysis
  • 04/12/13 - Added recent ERLIC-WAX Publications in a Dropbox.
  • 01/20/13 - Added Selectivity changes in HILIC by manipulating pH and buffer strength.
  • 11/13/12 - Added ERLIC-WAX SPE Phosphopeptide Enrichment Instructions and ASMS Poster containing ERLIC-WAX Tryptic Phosphopeptide Fractionation supporting data.
  • 11/08/12 - Added ERLIC-MS Peptide Deamidation detection
  • 11/07/12 - Added ERLIC for shotgun proteomics
  • 11/06/12 - Added Pi3MET-TRYP Application for selective methionine capture for Thermodynamic analysis of protein- Ligand interactions.
  • 10/25/2012 - Added ZIC®-cHILIC brochure for complementary selectivity for Polar Separations.
  • 10/25/2012 - Added ZIC-HILIC Brochure for Polar Separations.
  • 10/3/2012 - Added an example of a Polyvalent, Unimolecular Glycopeptide Separation Using PROTO300 C4.
  • 6/29/2012 - Added Size Exclusion: A theoretical basis
  • 5/15/2012 - Added Organic acids to probe the effects of pH and coulombic interaction of HILIC phases.
  • 10/28/2011 - Added Complete Higgins Catalog (3.67 MB pdf) of HAISIL™ HPLC Columns, µTrap™, Caπllary™ & Capellini™ capillary columns & and Cartridge Products.
  • 8/18/2011 - Volume Dependent Results for Retention with Partition Columns: Effect of excessive loading volume on SPE Tips or Trap Columns. Use of TARGA C18 to increase retention of polar molecules for quantitative proteomics experiments

  • 4/2/2011 - An evaluation of an inverted zwitterionic, ZIC-cHILIC, cholinate stationary phase for proteomic 2-D identification of more than 20,000 unique peptides corresponding to over 3,500 proteins.

  • 3/25/2011 - Added link to "How to Polish Capillary Ends" to reduce nano-flow chromatographic system dead volume in tubing connections.
  • 2/11/2011 - Added Molarity of Concentrated Acids & Bases: Dilutions to Make 1 Molar Solutions.
  • 10/21/2010 - Added Sepax SEC-C Columns Provide a Wider SEC Range of Separation on Their SRT-C and Zenix-C (lay-down) SEC Phases.
  • 6/28/2010 - Added Orientation Effects of Electrostatic Repulsion HILIC (also known as e-HILIC and Ion-Pair Normal Phase) to ERLIC section.
  • 3/15/2010 - Added Wolfram|Alpha™ a computational knowledge engine which contains information on chemical elements, unit conversions, flash points, thermodynamic properties, reactivity, and much more to Chemistry Links. Based on a new kind of knowledge-based computing Wolfram|Alpha is the first step in an ambitious, long-term project to make all systematic knowledge immediately computable by anyone. Enter your chemical question or calculation and Wolfram|Alpha uses its built-in algorithms and a growing collection of data to compute the answer.
  • 3/11/2010 - Added EMD Chemicals' monolithic columns, Chromolith™
  • 1/4/2010 - Added An Introduction to Ion Chromatography and trouble shooting manual: "A Practical Guide to Ion Chromatography"
  • 8/17/2009 - Added Knitted Open Tubular (KOT) Reaction Delay & Mixing Coil information.
  • 8/8/2009 - Added Complete Higgins Catalog (3.67 MB pdf) of HAISIL™ HPLC Columns and Cartridge Products.
  • 7/01/2009 - Added µ-Reactors™ with caps to remove solid reactants from micro quantities of samples. Xia B., et al. Anal Biochem. 2009 Apr 15;387(2):162-70. Epub 2009 Feb 10. Glycan reductive isotope labeling (GRIL) for quantitative glycomics.
  • 6/18/2009 - Added a new, eHILIC method for glycopeptide separations from high mannose type and sialylated glycopeptides.
  • 6/16/2009 - Added a link to a masters thesis showing a capillary RPC method for separating small RNAs from post translational modifications.
  • 4/15/2009 - Added a new, low protein loss, fast technique for excess Dye Removal from protein.
  • 4/1/2009 - Added a HILIC Newsletter-0309. Discusses alternatives to ACN for HILIC assays and announces the U.S. HILIC Day prior to the ASMS meeting in Philadelphia.
  • 2/15/2009 - Added a HILIC Newsletter-0109. Discusses diethylene glycol analysis in medicine, and suggestions on how to reduce consumption of acetonitrile.
  • 1/26/2009 - Added a new HILIC Newsletter-1208. The December 2008 edition discusses methyl malonic acid analysis in serum, plasma and urine plus an ELSD detection method for choline and inositol.
  • 11/20/2008 - Added a link for a subscription to a HILIC Newsletter-1108. The November 2008 edition discusses melamine analysis in food products and an invitation to HILIC Users Group meetings.
  • 9/18/2008 - Added Analysis of Melamine in food products with ZIC-HILIC columns.
  • 8/22/2008 - Added Retention Time Predictor for ZIC-HILIC columns.
  • 7/29/08 - Added links for demos of the Cerex System-48 & System-96.
  • 7/10/08 - Added FAST MicroEquilibrium Dialyzers to the micro-dialysis price list.
  • 3/12/08 - Added the reference Science, 319, 1197-98 (2008) to the Protein HIC section for a discussion of Specific Ion Effects regarding the hydration of ions on surfaces.
  • 2/20/08 - Added PROTO300 C4: Comparison to Vydac 214TP C4 for proteins.
  • 12/31/07 - Added YMC America as a New source for a broad range of HPLC and Process scale bonded medias.
  • 12/20/07 - Added Comparison of the All-Guard™ Cartridges to the Vydac "...GD54" Guard Cartridges.
  • 11/7/07 - Added Brian Hampton's ASMS Poster Regarding The Importance of Contact Time for Either Desalting or Trapping of Polar Solutes on Trap Columns.
  • 11/1/07 - Added KOT Knitted Open Tubular Reactors to price list.
  • 7/14/07 - Added ERLIC Discussion of Electrostatic Repulsion Effects in HILIC separations.
  • 2/14/07 - Added Newly Designed Index, Protocols and Personnel pages. We hope you like it better
  • 12/5/06 - Added
    PROTO™ 200 & PROTO™ 300 & Peptide & Protein PROTEO columns to Higgins Analytical section of Price List
  • 11/1/06 - Added Buffer Solubility in Aqueous-Organic Solvents Useful for RPC and/or HILIC mobile phase composition selection.
  • 8/25/06 - Added Dialysis Bibliography to Dialysis section of Protocols
  • 8/10/06 - Added [sic] "HPLC Method for the Determination of Pharmaceutical Salts" to ZIC-HILIC section of Protocols
  • 5/15/06 - Added Basics of HPLC to Training section of Protocols
  • 5/12/06 - Added WWW Chemistry Guide - a collection of links for organic, biochemical, computational, medicinal and other chemistry research or education.
  • 5/2/06 - Added 110nL capillary LC/MS Guard/Traps to Higgins Analytical Piccolo™ price list
  • 7/20/05 - Added a search engine to the site for searching within The Nest Group URL, .
  • 7/6/05 - Added ZIC-pHILIC® for Adenosine Phosphate Analysis (AMP, cAMP, dAMP, ADP, dATP and ATP) Using HILIC Conditions with Volatile Buffers (70% ACN, 30% Ammonium Carbonate, pH 8.8, 100 mM).
  • 5/6/05 - Added comparison (Y. Guo & S. Gaiki, J. Chromatogr. A, 1074 (2005) 71-80.) of Amide, Amine, Silica and betain sulfonate functional groups for HILIC separations of small polar acids, nucleic acid bases and nucleosides.
  • 4/9/05 - Added Oleg Krokhin's Peptide RT Calculator. New sequence-specific correction factors for prediction of peptide retention in RP-HPLC: application to protein identification by off-line HPLC-MALDI-MS.
  • 3/19/05 - Added references for measurement of pH in aqueous/organic solutions
  • 3/7/05 - Updated PolyLC Bibliographic references
  • 2/04/05 - Added this ExPASy link in Chemistry WWW Resources to Calculate pKa and provide other information resources for life scientists with an interest in biological macromolecules. Links to protein sequence, 3D structure and 2D-gel analytical tools are provided on the ExPASy server, and more specifically from its Proteomics tools page.
  • 11/01/04 - Added this link in Chemistry WWW Resources. The Hofmeister Effect and the implications for HIC. This site discusses the ranking of various ions toward their ability to precipitate a mixture of proteins.
  • 06/03/04 - Added pdf HILIC Comparison to RPC for Metabolomics.
  • 03/05/04 - Added slides: Designing a purification protocol using ion exchange resins.
  • 10/17/03 - Added chromatograms on Aminoglycoside (Gentamycin) Antibiotic separations in the Protocols Index under Polar Molecule and Detergent Removal by HILIC.
  • 4/18/03 - Added a series of articles on Mobile-Phase Buffer considerations in the Protocols Index under Training.
  • 4/1/03 - New Everest™ C18 Ultra High Resolution Tryptic Peptide Mapping Columns. LC-MS/MS Capillaries, Guards and Analytical Columns.
  • 3/15/03 - Added New Higgins Capellini™, Piccolo™ and Sprite™ LC-MS/MS Capillaries, Guards and Trap Columns.
  • 9/19/2002 - HILIC LC-MS/MS of Folic Acid Metabolites and Underivatized Amino Acids.
  • 7/8/2002 - PAGE*Eraser™ microFilter Spin Columns remove particulates from samples from in-gel digests to prolong capillary LC-MS column life.
  • 6/20/2002 - Added Catalog of HAISIL® HPLC Columns and Cartridge Products. Complete (2,668K pdf) or individual sections: HAISIL 100® (small pore) and HAISIL 300® (wide pore) products (Type A Silicas); and TS TARGA ®, CS CLIPEUS® and LS "High Load" products (Type B Silicas).
  • 4/8/2002 - Added Hydrophobic Interaction (HIC) part numbers and prices.
  • 4/5/2002 - Dialysis membrane conditoning and solvent compatibility information.
  • 3/6/2002 - Proteomics applications newsletter on low TFA MS Vydac media using prepacked capillary columns from 0.075mmID - 0.500mmID.
  • 2/14/2002 - Training lecture: Basics of Dialysis and Ion Exchange, added to Nest Protocols Section
  • 2/13/2002 - Orbigen Biology Protocols link added to WWW Biology Sites section
  • 1/22/2002 - Biology Online link added to our WWW Biology Sites information section.
  • 10/31/2001 - New! Grace Vydac 0.075 and 0.150mmID Capillary Columns for "Low TFA" LC-MS operation enhace detection of peptides.
  • 9/10/2001 - Proteomics: Pi3™ TYR-P Poster data. Isolation of tyrosine-phosphate containing peptides from digests
  • 5/1/2001 - Proteomics Fractionation: Pi3™ amino acid specific resins for complex sample fractionation
  • 3/14/2001 - HIC and IEX column care added to IdeaBook and Protocols sections for PolyLC products.
  • 3/1/2001 - 2-D chromatographic fractionation of 1,500-2000 peptides per run at 5 orders of magnitude better detectability than 2-D gel electrophoresis whether you are using Multidimensional Chromatographic Analysis of Proteins (MUDCAP), Signature Peptides, the DALCPC method (Direct Analysis of Large Protein Complexes), ICAT™ (isotope-coded affinity tagged) labeled, or isolating specific amino acid containing peptides from digested proteins for proteomic characterization.
  • 1/10/2001 - The Nest Group URL established to utilize cgi scripting and dynamic HTML.
  • 8/22/2000 - Pdf technical sheets were integrated with the ideabook section for all products.
  • 1/12/2000 - Updated all products with new prices.
  • 3/18/99 - MiniSpin Columns and MicroTip Kits were added.
  • 9/1/98 - Biology Reference sites were added.
  • 6/10/98 - DispoBioDialyser AmiKa's DispoBioDialyser ® disposable, small volume (10-100 ul) dialysis kits added.
  • 6/10/98 - Cozap AmiKa's Cozap® Coomassie Blue destaining products were added.
  • 11/15/96 - New, EXCLU-SIEVE® Agaroses are added to the protocols section.
  • 2/1/96 - The Nest Group, Inc. now accepts credit card orders for your convenience.
  • 1/31/96 - The Nest Group, Inc. URL received the Magellan 4 Star Award.
  • 12/13/95 - Vydac RPC Buffer Note "Validation of Reverse Phase Chromatography separations (TFA, PO4, HOAc, HCl)" was added.
  • 11/7/95 - Nucleobond AX®, NucleoTrap®, NucleoTraPCR®, NucleoSpin®, NucleoSpin Extract®, and NucleoSpin Blood Extract® part numbers were changed from MN 730... to MN 740...
  • 8/15/95 - Nucleobond AX® DNA sequencing protocols added.
  • 8/3/95 - Protein & Peptide HPLC Columns technical information is now on-line.
  • 7/25/95 - The NucleoTrap®, NucleoTraPCR®, NucleoSpin®, and NucleoSpin Extract® properties and applications guides were added.
  • 7/25/95 - The Nucleobond AX® properties and applications guide was added.
  • 6/14/95 - The Vendor page was added.
  • 5/27/95 - The molecular biology WWW resource page was added.
  • 5/26/95 - Literature request and feedback forms were implemented.
  • 4/26/95 - The Nest Group, Inc. goes on-line with the opening of this Web site.

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