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Desalting Columns


Dye Removal






Ion Chromatography

Organic Acids

Peptides & Proteins

Process Columns

Small Molecules



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Micro-Sample Techniques

(Activated Carbon, HILIC, ERLIC, RPC & SEC) microSPE columns & 96-Well plates

Conventional SPE Cartridge Operating Instructions

    SPE Columns
    HILICON® iSPE® HILIC SPE Cartridges

    BioPureSPE™ TARGA® Fast Equilibrating, water wettable RPC.
    BioPureSPE™ PROTO™ peptide protein RPC
    TARGA® & PROTO™ are trademarks of Higgins Analytical, Inc.

Spin Column Operating Instructions

    Spin Columns

Protein IEX:
    SAX Strong Anion Exchange (Sepharose® Q: limited to aqueous mobile phases only)
    SCX Strong Cation Exchange (Sepharose® S: limited to aqueous mobile phases only)
    WAX Weak Anion Exchange (Sepharose® DEAE: limited to aqueouss mobile phases only)
    WCX Weak Cation Exchange (Sepharose® CM: limited to aqueous mobile phases only)

Overview & Prices for All Chemistries and Configurations

    Spin-Con microDialysis Ultra-filtration for 1-5µl samples

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